What Are The Best Hearing Aids?

What are the Ideal Hearing Aids Right Now?

Review the questions below to get a better understanding of the best hearing aids for you.
1. Severity of hearing loss?
2. What is the hearing loss configuration?
3. What is your speech in noise score?
4. What situations do you have trouble hearing?
5. What is the size of ear canals?
6. How much space do you have behind your ear?
7. Do you need an earmold?
8. Do you have allergies to plastics?
9. Are you susceptible to occlusion?
10. How is your finger dexterity?
11. Do you want to stream audio?
12. Do you have an Apple or Android cell phone?
13. Do you know your password and how to download apps?
14. Does aesthetics and size matter?
15. Is IP rating important to you?
16. What is your willingness to learn new things?
17. How is your memory?
18. Do you want rechargeable devices?
19. Do you want to use disposable batteries?
20. How much do you sweat?
21. Do you live alone?
22. Do you have a history of falling?

You would do better served by asking the question: Who is the best hearing care provider in my area to help me and follows best practices protocols?

Not one manufacturer has all the best hearing aids for everyone. Make sure the provider has all manufacturers’ product brochures available in the lobby. Most independent health care providers are not owned by a particular manufacturer and will have all manufacturers’ hearing aids available to pick from to ensure the best product is purchased for you!


List of leading registered manufacturers and chain stores: Starkey, Signia, Siemens, Widex, Phonak, Oticon, Unitron, Rexton, Audina, Persona, Miracle Ear, and Beltone.

The number of different hearing aids are around 85 when studying the top 5 manufacturers. When you add the other available manufacturers, the number rises to over 150 different hearing aids.

Furthermore, the hearing aid will only be the best if programmed using best practices protocol with objective measurements! Objective measurements using real ear measurements are done by placing a sound probe in the ear canal and then playing a calibrated recording at average speech levels to check hearing aid prescriptions.

Advanced Quality Hearing Systems will use over 24 years of experience and best practices protocols to ensure you have the best product for your hearing loss and lifestyle.

How do our hearing aid prices compare to competitors?

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